Mission Statement


Verité Productions manifests innovative talents in video and other media to creatively document the human iamge-2experience alive within every story.  Through client partnerships noted for integrity and a shared passion to effect positive social change, Verité develops presentations that are unique in their ability to inspire viewers to new attitudes and decisive action.

Verité Productions focuses on the human experience alive within every story blending vision, innovation, and creative direction in a unique presentation designed to evoke emotion and convey passion.  Using video or other media, viewers are inspired and motivated to listen, think and act.  Through developing a relationship of mutual trust and respect, Verité and its clients can reach diverse audiences in order to effect positive social change.

Verité Productions discerns the human elements that lie within every story, and then masterfully employs an array of creative talents to select the exact pictures, sounds, voices and words that will viscerally touch the viewer.  The resulting presentation both educates and motivates, through video or other media, and compels the viewer to change behavior and/or attitudes.  Together, Verité and its clients engender a sense of communion among diverse audiences in order to effect positive societal change.